Somfy Expert guarantees:

Quality products

QUALITY: According to European safety regulations, Somfy automations are made to last. International guarantee 5 years.

INNOVATION: Somfy Experts show you the ultimate solutions, the most exclusive functions and the best performances.

Customized service

PRACTICALNESS: At the Somfy Expert retail outlet you will see, try and get information on Somfy automation systems. Discover a world of innovative and favourable functions and performances.

CLEARNESS: An Expert will analyse your project and the most suitable suggestion for you free of charge. You will be provided with complete and detailed explanations on the functioning of the automations you have chosen, and a highly qualified service.

Free estimate

A Somfy Expert will help you find out the best solution for you, according to your needs and requests, with a free estimate!

Safe installation

Somfy Experts are professionals, selected, trained and constantly up-to-date by Somfy during training meetings to guarantee fast, safe, perfect installations.

Permanent care

By trusting a Somfy Expert you will be certain that, even at installation completed, you will be able to count on the best services and fast answers for every necessity you might have.

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